Dan Donkel and his associates have accumulated one of the largest assortments of high quality projects on the North Slope of Alaska. As one of the top lease holders on the North Slope, the Donkel's team has carefully selected acreage positions that contain numerous and varied exploration targets as well as older discoveries that were by-passed by the initial explorers in the region. Two locations only require a twinning of the original discovery well in order to establish the existence of hydrocarbon reserves for the leases.

Dan Donkel has been working in Alaska since 1985 and during this time his oil companies have owned over 1 million acres of oil and gas interests. Donkel's mission is to bring investment capital from independent oil and gas companies to Alaska in order to reinvigorate the state’s hydrocarbon production. Donkel firmly believes that unlocking this huge resource left behind by the majors is key to accessing the greatest source of wealth our country has to offer, to the benefit of both Alaskans and our nation as a whole.